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Open day at Ag Photographic

Open day at Ag Photographic in Birmingham on Friday 11th April 2014 and we are there with:


New film developers…new universal developer…and the ultra-versatile Spürsinn HCD2  

Dave Healey of Keyphoto will be with us talking about the Spürsinn photochemistry range, especially its five developers for black and white film and paper: very interesting alternatives to established developers!


New Spürsinn Geminusan easy to use universal print and film developer

The first universal developer to be launched in the UK for many years, Geminus is both a variable dilution paper developer, yielding prints with great detail and maximum blacks and an economical, fine grain one-shot film developer (dilution 1+29) producing negatives of normal contrast, usable for 35mm, roll and large format film. A universal developer is convenient and economical particularly for darkrooms only used occasionally or where small volumes are processed.


In our darkroom you will be able to try out Geminus and Straight Black print developers.


New Spürsinn SAM Classica replenishable, high quality film developer Formulated to especially produce silver-based images which suit contemporary tastes in image contrast, SAM Classic is a variable dilution film developer yielding negatives with smoothly graded contrast and a wide tonal range, suited to the majority of photographic subjects.


New Spürsinn SAM Velvet—film developer giving velvet-like grain

Like SAM Classic, SAM Velvet’s features include the ability to increase or decrease film speed through push- or pull-processing. SAM Velvet offers the photographer more traditional contrast, a particularly smooth rendering of subjects making it ideal for fine art photography, and enhanced tonal control through choice of dilution. Both SAM developers are replenishable, reducing volumes of water and constituent chemicals used, thereby minimising environmental impact.


Spürsinn HCD-2 and HCD-S is an ultra-versatile, one-shot, single or twin bath black and white film developer. HCD-2’s advanced formulation offers photographers excellent tonal range, a choice of fine, normal or prominent grain to suit the subject, ultra-fast development capability, and excellent push- and pull-processing. Tri-X for example can exposed at speeds from 50 to 3200 ISO.  


Special Spürsinn offers only on the day—first come first served!

  • Trial pack of 100ml HCD-2 film developer (enough for four 35mm films in a 300ml tank) £4.95 (usual AG price £8.34).
  • Trial pack of 2x100ml HCD-2 and HCD-S two bath developer £9.95 (usual AG price £16.67).
  • Ultrafix 250ml fixer with 250ml additional hardener £9.99–ideal for sheet film.
  • Introductory offer on Spürsinn Oxyprint alternative process print developer £9.95 for 2x250ml (usually £14.00)

UV, polarising and variable neutral density filters…and more


We will have available at the open day a new range of screw in photographic filters, with David Healey of Keyphoto on hand to advise customers on use of filters for black and white and colour photography, with sample images. On show will be


NiSi high quality filters in slim-line mounts to minimise the risk of cut off on ultra-wide lenses, including

  • coated UV filters from 49mm upwards
  • Multi-coated UV filters from 55 to 77mm
  • In larger sizes, top quality NiSi MRC filters with 14 layers of coating and a water-resistant surface (ideal if you take photos in damp conditions) and even sixteen-layer coated filters for highly efficient light transmission and low flare.
  • Neutral density filters in fixed (ND1000) and variable (ND4-500) at prices well below leading brands! These are ideal to allow you to use wide apertures in bright conditions to control depth of field, or to enable long exposures to create motion blur.


David hopes to also have on show samples of a new very high quality square filter system, carbon fibre tripods and ball heads, and filters for black and white photography.  


Filters are often forgotten in contemporary photography, but are an invaluable addition to the gadget bag both to give more creative control at the time of picture taking and for lens protection. Remember too that some filters’ effects cannot  be easily replicated in image editing software. If you have a range of lenses with a variety of filter sizes and need a more unusual filter like an ND1000, buy the filter in the largest filter size, and then some stepping rings to use it on lenses with smaller filter sizes.


Remember that fitting a UV or skylight filter to every lens is advisable so that you protect it, and the polariser (for black and white or colour photography) is the next most useful filter to own.