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Photography Workshops at Wolverhampton University

Cyantoype workshop
Cyanotype with Fotospeed Kit

Keyphoto organised and Wolverhampton University hosted, a unique and exclusive Student workshops. The workshops allowed students to learn about film, pinhole photography, traditional photographic processes and how digital and film photography can work together. 

A series of hands-on workshops by experts from the world of photography were on hand to take students throught their paces:

  • Darkroom printing - Andrew Sanderson
  • Discover Instant photography - Kaye Ford
  • Toning prints - John Herlinger
  • Pinhole photography - Steve Brierley
  • Archive; The Art of silver print - Su Fahy

The Royal Photographic Society (RPS) were on hand to discuss photography, work with students to improve their presentations, and list various career possibilities in the photographic industries.

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