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Myerscough IMPOSSIBLE Project

Myerscough students arranging iconic Instant images

Under the watchful eye of photo instructors Kristen Malone and Brett Aspinall, Myerscough Photographic students are the first UK college to embark on a major group collage work using IMPOSSIBLE Instant films. Myerscough have used the rental option offered by Keyphoto to provide students with a folding SX70 camera which allows close-up shots down to 30cm. The project intends to show 13 students producing portrait images reflecting parts of their personality. Eventually the collage will stretch over a distance of 7 metres. The studies will draw on experience they learnt during a recent Keyphoto workshop and the opportunity to now work with the material. The IMPOSSIBLE film has not disappointed and already produced some typically extraordinary images within each collage. The work will go on show at the end of June 2012. Watch this space...