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Whiteboards, WACOM graphic tablets, LaCie external hard drives or Epson projectors, are on the typical equipment list needed in today's electronic teaching environment. Keyphoto does not only supply the equipment, but installs and trains users. From design to commission Keyphoto offers in-depth knowledge and hands-on experience. If you need to install or upgrade your systems, give us a call on 01582 460461.


Keyphoto's role in photography education in Schools, Colleges and Universities

We are a leading supplier to over 70% of higher educational institutions and continue to build on that base. We simply supply everything in and around the traditional and digital darkroom. We have over 25 years' worth of relationships with all the photographic and imaging suppliers who will support us to establish their brand in your institution. We have to be competitive to survive, but above all we will knock you over with our unrivalled service. Only experienced, reliable and trusted staff are employed at the company, and then we cap it all with our unique education support and sponsorship scheme.

In addition Keyphoto offer a special repair facility, installation of darkrooms and photographic studios and software and digital product training. We offer a unique Trade-In programme for discontinued DSLRs that is acceptable to most institutions.

More recently Keyphoto has teamed up with Boxer to offer project managment and supply of Video and Broadcasting Suites in College Media Departments.

Finally, Keyphoto is unique in offering a Sponsorship Fund to each of its customers. This programme has run for over 16 years and is widely acclaimed as a major reason why buying from Keyphoto has the edge.